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College Essay on Causes of Duodenal Ulcer

Monday, Feb. 28th 2011

In order to write a very informative and brilliant college essay on causes of duodenal ulcer you must first know what a duodenal ulcer is. What are its causes? How fatal is the ulcer? What are the various prevention strategies offered by doctors? Is it curable? These are some of the most important questions that you will be required to answer in your college essay on causes of duodenal ulcer.

Now you don’t have to be a doctor to know what a duodenal ulcer is, neither do I. But the easiest way to find out is through the Internet. The Internet has a lot of information regarding everything you want to know including duodenal ulcers. You can easily search for it on the Internet.

Log on to Google and type “causes of duodenal ulcer” press enter and you will be confronted tones of information from which you can choose whatever you want.

No let’s back to the writing part of your college paper on causes of duodenal ulcer. First of for your introduction you will be required to write about what duodenal cancer is and what is its root causes. For example, the stomach produces powerful acids in order to help digest the food we consumer and kill the bacteria. There are some cells in the stomach lining along with duodenum which produce a kind of natural mucus barrier which in turn protects the lining from the acid.

Normally there is always a balance maintained between the mucus barrier and the stomach acid, but if there is an alteration along the lining of the stomach then that allows for the stomach acid to damage the stomach lining or the duodenum which leads to ulcer.

These are some of the causes of duodenal ulcer, infection with helicobacter pylori, this is considered to be one of the major causes of duodenal ulcers, if not treated properly or on time, can lead to an infection developing which stays there for life.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and etc which are anti inflammatory can sometime affects the mucus barrier and can cause a duodenal ulcer to form. But the chances of these drugs causing such an ulcer are very low, about (one in twenty).

Other major causes of duodenal ulcer include smoking, heavy drinking and stress. After you have completed writing the entire body of your college essay on causes of duodenal ulcer you can move on to the final phase and most important phase of your college essay on causes of duodenal ulcer, and that is the conclusion.

For the conclusion of you must write about the different prevention techniques and treatments available for patients suffering from acute duodenal ulcers.

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