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College Essay Help on How To Avoid Food Allergies

Thursday, Mar. 3rd 2011

Although very few people really have allergies,  many people do have allergies that are triggered by food, most specifically the protein in cow’s milk, eggs, nuts shellfish and many other foods. In your college essay help on how to avoid food allergies, research and find out the type of food that triggers the most allergies, and the sort of allergies that they cause, like shortage of breath, hives etc. etc.

For college essay help on how to avoid food allergies, write about the most effective way to avoid allergies. The best way to avoid food allergies, as recommended by doctors is diet elimination. Consider that food allergies are very manageable, but this requires the proper form of treatment, otherwise the allergies will persist.

Next in the college essay help on how to avoid food allergies; I can recommend to talk about how a person can be sure that he/she is suffering from food allergies. Research carried out proved that amongst the people complaining about allergies, only about 2% to 4% of the people really do suffer from food allergies.

Then for  college essay help on how to avoid food allergies, give guidelines about how to follow an elimination diet. Suddenly going off food that produces protein for the body could be detrimental for a person’s health.  Doctors recommend taking multi-vitamins to supplement the person’s intake of protein to maintain the nutrients that are essential for the human body. Then suggest methods to indentify foods that the person thinks triggers allergies, so that they are eliminated from his/her diet.

Also in the college essay help on how to avoid food allergies, point out how a person is not even aware of what causes the allergy. A good example would be that some people have no reaction to eating canned fish, but fresh grilled fish triggers their allergies. In such people, even breathing in vapors from the cooking fish sets off a reaction. However it must be clear whether the person has a genuine allergy to fish, or just that the toxins in fish are causing the reactions.

Asthma and Eczema are the most common forms of allergies from food. Sometimes the reaction is not instant, but can be delayed for hours, thereby causing Bronchitis and asthma. Because asthma is considered to be an allergy that is airborne, many doctors might overlook the fact that the asthma has been triggered by eating certain foods, and continue treatment for airborne asthma.

Conclude your college paper help on how to avoid food allergies, by suggesting proper diagnosis to determent what is causing the allergies. Sometimes skin tests conducted to determine what triggered the asthma are inconclusive; therefore proper diagnosis should be considered the priority to avoid allergies caused by food.

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