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Cloning Issue Term Paper


When media report anything regarding cloning in news, it usually highlights only one type, that is reproductive cloning. However, actually the “cloning” is an umbrella term that is used to describe different processes of duplication of biological material. Some of the popular cloning types include DNA cloning, reproductive or human cloning, therapeutic cloning etc.

Cloning is a natural phenomenon that is acquired by diverse species from bacteria, aphids to human. Naturally identical twins are clones. Biologists also have been used cloning since decades for the sake of human’s benefit; one such example is cloning of carrot. This natural or useful cloning is acceptable globally. Therapeutic cloning is also successful in medicine and is used for better survival of people. It is also helpful in biological research as well.

Cloning issues are only debated in case of reproductive or human cloning. It is controversial among populace and has various social, legal, religious and ethical issues.

Human cloning in reproductive aspect is a procedure, in which DNA is removed from an ovum and is replaced by DNA extracted from an adult human cell. Now, it is fertilized and is implanted in a womb, where it develops in to a new individual. Basically, this procedure is producing a duplicate of an existing person.

People discuss these cloning issues everywhere at print and electronic media. Cloning is highly opposed by religious scholars.  The have declared that cloning is unnatural origination of life. They don’t consider clone as a new individual but an extension of previous one. They considered it as “inviolability of human life” and hence protest against its progression.

Another cloning issue is biological. It is observed that mostly cloned organisms are biologically deficient in their characters. Some of them are observed with severe birth defects which may not be revealed till the time of maturity. It is considered as biological crime to produce an individual with a birth defect, intentionally.

When we see on cloning issues, we find that a clone will face many social problems in his future endeavor. The most upcoming is that a child born as a copy of its progenitor feel undue and has no right of an open future. He doesn’t have his own abilities, interest, opinion, judgment capability etc.

Legal scholars also have argued that cloning may violate the parenthood from society and has failed to give an absolute standard of cloned individual. Nobody will take the responsibility of a cloned child that will make a hurdle in enhancement of children.

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