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Class Assignment on Writing a Critically Appraised Paper

Thursday, Feb. 10th 2011

If given a class assignment on writing a critically appraised paper,” critical” would basically define your reaction upon reading the article. This means a neutral evaluation regarding the coherence of the data, and an assessment of whether the data is correct and complete.

In the class assignment on writing a critically appraised term paper, express your view point by:

Clarifying whether the paper is based on a thesis or a theme, summarizing values whether implied of specific, outlining the important facts of reasoning that are supporting the main idea, and any suggestions for implementation or conclusion of the author’s presentation.

Next assess the facts on the basis of relevance, and see if any important facts were omitted.  Evaluation of your feelings must be Vis a Vis the author’s accepted standard. And of course an appraisal of the logical continuity of the author’s presentation. After completing the analysis, determine whether you have read and understood the entire material.

Next in your class assignment on writing a critically appraised paper, keep in mind that all claims made with regards to the paper should be supported with credible evidence. What your personal feelings about a paper are not relevant in critical discussions of literary works. What is important is that the evidence should be taken from the text itself.

Basically criticism does not mean that you need to target the author or the paper itself. Criticism would be discussions about your observations of the paper, and thinking in critical terms for the paper. Usually people learn something new about the paper from your criticisms.

When writing a critically appraised paper, be specific about the points you are making about the paper, and support those points with evidence that your audience feels is credible and proper. Providing evidence from the text is your best argument.

Also in writing a critically appraised paper, you can rely upon what other authors have commented about the paper. These critics can be termed as “expert witnesses”, whose ideas and comments would back up your claims about the college term paper. Focus your attention on one aspect of the paper, rather than saying everything that you think should be said about the paper.

Each sentence must be logically connected to the other sentence, and each section should support the main theme. Keep your tone and objective certain and serious, and make sure that your paper is free of mechanical and stylistic errors.

In the writing of a critically appraised paper, most commonly followed format is the MLA format. Also be sure to provide a formatted list of works cited at the conclusion of the paper.

Choosing a topic for the writing of a critically appraised paper, that you are both interested in and familiar with. There are many popular critical essay topics that you can choose from.

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