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Citing references is important in APA

Monday, Feb. 13th 2012

In any research paper, references are the most important part. Why, you may ask. It is because references show that you haven’t copy pasted any material from the Internet as it is and are not showing it as your own work. In other words, this is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated at any cost and anyone found doing it, gets the most severe punishment such as in extreme cases expulsion from the institution or the paper being termed as failed. In the APA format, giving references is of utmost importance. The professor wants to know that whatever information you have got what were the sources behind it.

Giving references is important because of the currency of the academia. There are academics which gain currency when their contribution is used as well as cited by the user. This is called honoring the work of someone else by giving them credit. The second reason for giving references is that if you fail to cite the references, you are breaching the person’s possession of the idea. This means that someone else came up with a brilliant idea and you came to know about it. Instead of letting people know that it was someone else’s idea, you cite it as your own. The feeling of being cheated is what makes the case of citing references more strong.

The last reason is that whenever you cite a reference, it is understood that the professor will go through the site to check how much of information you have taken and how much of it is plagiarized. If the references are not cited, the professor will not be able to check the validity of the information and can even term the paper as a failure. To avoid this, citing references is important in APA format paper.

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