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Citing a Title When Writing a Paper

Monday, Apr. 4th 2011

It is important to be citing a title when writing a paper because it is on the first page of your paper. It is also essential to cite a well formatted title page in the proper APA format, as that will set the style of your paper.

The following should be followed for citing a title when writing a paper:

Title of the Article should be as specific as possible because choosing a title can sometimes be quite difficult. The best way of choosing your title would be to examine your variable suggestions. All the pages, including the title page must have numbers, which should be in the upper right hand corner of each page.  The first line of the title page must be left aligned from the top of the page.

Next for citing a title when writing a paper the page must have a running head on the left hand corner of the title page. The running head must be limited to fifty characters only, including letter, spacing between words and punctuations of the title page in uppercase letters. The name of the Author and the school affiliation must be included in the title page.

Although these citation forms are generally used in psychology and biology courses, separate formatting styles may be used for individual journals. If you are publishing a paper in a scientific journal, you need to follow the format of that journal. Some journals for citing a title when writing a paper, allocate a number for the text reference. You will come across the citing format when reading literature.

Included in citing a title when writing a paper, that wherever in the paper you need to refer to outside sources of information, it is necessary to cite the sources from where you have obtained the information. If you have to cite information from another publication, you must write the important features of that work in your own words. When citing an author, the easiest way is to give the author’s last name and the year of publication.

When citing government documents which are not your usual reference citations, you can refer to Huth et al (1994) for a complete listing of citation formats. There are some basic rules to all formats that are indexed by author name(s)

Citation should be listed in alphabetical order starting with the author’s last name.

Author’s name has to be listed in the citation in the same order as in the article.

Chronological order by year of publication to be followed if the same author is cited for more than one paper.

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