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Chemistry Term Paper

Saturday, May. 22nd 2010

Term paper on Chemistry can’t be confined to limited boundaries. Chemistry is a dynamic and universal subject that is ingrained with a number of extensive topics. It folds many practical and theoretical sciences and many other areas of human endeavor. One can say that it’s a central root, which stands with other areas of study like physics biology, geology, economics, engineering manufacturing and medicine. By a precise definition, it is a natural and scientific study of matter dealing with the composition it holds, structure it inherits and properties it exhibits.

Chemistry is all around us. It is nearly involved in all the affairs we deal with. While observing the life cycle, we find that every area of life is occupied comprehensively by its signs. Removal of bacterial strains to the synthesis of insulin, formulation of molecules to the discovery of petroleum reserves, development of polymers to the research of electro optical devices and medical treatments, etc.;  applicability of this discipline can’t be ever denied.

The term paper on chemistry shows that the vast area of this subject is divided into variety of branches regarding the area under study. The main branches are analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and physical chemistry.

Organic chemistry deals with study of those matters that are made up of carbon and hydrogen, called organic compounds. The study comprises composition, arrangement and the result of chemical and physical changes of these elements. In Contrast, Inorganic Chemistry relates those compounds, in which carbon and hydrogen are absent. It covers manufacturing of fertilizers and other inorganic substances like oxides, sulphides and carbonates.

Analytical chemistry is a vital branch of study under the roof of chemistry. It explains analysis of both types of materials i.e. natural and synthetic. It examines quantity, type and procedures involved in the formation of substances. In comparison, physical chemistry includes the theories of quantum mechanics applied in atomic and subatomic particles; their energy, interaction, conductivity and speed of reaction are also examined.

Biochemistry and nuclear chemistry are evolving disciplines of chemistry. Biochemistry is an innovative science blended with biology. The behavior and structure of cellular organisms like lipids, proteins, nucleic acid and carbohydrates are studied under this field. On the other hand, nuclear chemistry represents the functions of nuclear processes. The branch deals with an application of radioactive materials such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The term paper on Chemistry demonstrates that the discipline is embedded with every zone of life. It has strong connections with environmental, government and business management. Its scope can be felt in variety of issues such as product development, computer science, marketing etc. It has served as an essential tool for the development and progress of mankind.

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