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Cheating and Plagiarism

Monday, Apr. 26th 2010

The word plagiarism is derived from Latin word plagiarius which means to steal. It is an illegal act i.e. taking or coping other`s ideas and words intentionally or unintentionally. In some nations borrowing ideas and expression is acceptable. It is graded as a sign of respect that people use your words to support their prose.

However, in US plagiarism is rated among top three crimes of research fraud. American institutes take it as an academic crime. It may leads to serious consequences including folding of paper or course. Moreover an offender may get discharge from the respective institute.

There are different laws for plagiarism i.e. copyright law, trademark law and fraud. In copyright law, owners have right to sue the plagiarist in federal court. This law was came into being after 1 March 1989 which shows that any composition produced later will certainly be protected by copyright.

Trademark and unfair competition law is a new development in US law. This law was set up to cease wrong citing and illegal publication of research works. To avoid any damage, real authors have right to sue the lawbreaker in federal court. Fraud is also figured out as plagiarism.  Concealing actual name of the creator   and deliberately putting other`s name is subject to fraud.

There have been reported numbers of plagiarism cases. Sometimes, court upheld the penalties by founding students and professors guilty on their misconduct. While at times authority makes unfair and insulting inquiries about the character of plagiarists.

Most educational organizations in America have set up honesty policies to avoid this prohibited action that ceases creative ideas of student and other persons. It puts a flaw in the thinking ability of an individual. Considering this act as a sin gives respect to the terms and conditions and adds value to copyright rules.

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