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Challenges When Writing a Paper

Sunday, Mar. 27th 2011

You will face some challenges when writing a paper, but these challenges, when identified can be easily met and you can produce a good quality paper without any difficulty. The strategies that I would recommend to surmount the challenges are:

Choosing a topic. This is the first challenge that you need to overcome.  Pick a topic that you are comfortable with.  Never try to write on a topic for which you do not have at least some previous knowledge. That way you have to first understand your topic, and then do research on it. Never even pick a topic that is filled with technical terms, unless of course you are specifically writing a technical paper.

After choosing a topic the next challenge when writing a college paper will be on how to start the paper. What first words to be used or what the first sentence should be. Don’t try to make the first sentence too fancy or too complicated. Usually beginnings are difficult until you get into the flow of words.

To overcome challenges when writing a paper always use correct English. Sometimes sentences do not have a subject and a verb in the same sentence. This causes the sentence to be incomplete, and it usually does not make sense, because the sentence is fragmented. Avoid such common language mistakes. To make a complete sentence, you need both a subject and a verb.

Avoid misspelling words. Although there are spell check software’s for computers, do not rely on them exclusively. A reputable thesaurus should be kept handy, because some words or spelled differently in the spell check.

A good essay will have all the necessary ideas written or presented in an argumentative way. This needs time so that a paper is written that can be easily understood. Usually, when an instructor asks students to write a paper on some topic, it is understood that the topic has been discussed, at least to some extent in the classroom.

Also for challenges when writing a paper, make sure your paragraphs are not haphazard, and that each paragraph relates to the other. Do not make the paragraphs too long, or repeat phrases or sentences. Just to meet the word counts, do not phrase the same sentence in different words. Avoid repetition.

Any article on challenges when writing a college paper must have a warning about plagiarism. Presenting another person’s work as your own is unethical and is never appropriate. If you borrow material from an outside source, be sure to acknowledge the source.  However, if the idea can be paraphrased in your own words, do so. Still, keep in mind that even though you have written a borrowed idea in your own words, it still needs to be cited.

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