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Surviving the Comprehensive Exam

Aug. 31st 2016

We all go through that time when it comes down to surviving comprehensive writing exams. Once the studies for comprehensive exams are over, it gets worse. A lot of us fear writing so it seems like a terrifying idea. Here are a few tips that will help you in surviving comprehensive writing exam.

So there are things you must do before the exam and some during the exam. We have break down of the things you should do before and after the exam.

 Before the Exam

  • Organize the notes

Organize the notes in a manner that explain everything to you. It should make sense and should be organized in the correct order. You can use color tags to relate the concepts, authors and themes together. Always make sure that the notes are on your finger tips to find the information quickly. The color tags will help you remember where the notes were written or stored. Let’s say you wrote a couple of concepts in the red color section. Think of all the key points that you remember jotting down in the red section. The label will help you find the information.

  • Keep everything you need with you

When you sit for the exam, make sure you have everything. Keep all the writing tools, notes, water and snacks with you. These are some standard things that will be required to write the comprehensive exam. However, if you are writing from the comfort of your own home, create a comfortable spot in your room. Minimize the distractions as much as possible to keep your focus on writing only. If you work with music then update the playlist with your favorite songs. Keep tea, coffee or water at arm’s length to keep you alive.

During the exam

  • Write down the Basic Terms, Dates, Concepts and Authors

This step is really important when you are writing without any notes. Before you look at the question, write all the relevant information to keep it at the top of your mind.

  • Read the Exam Carefully

This particular step is crucial if you have to choose the question. Underline the terms as you read the paper and make sure you understand all the things asked in the question. The key question usually lies in the end so read the whole thing.

As you read the question, think of a rough idea to answer each question. Take mental notes about the sources you will use, what theories and concepts would answer the question. It will help you fill gaps. You will be able to tell if you are missing something or all the concepts are allocated accordingly and how long can you spend in giving a response.

  • Draft your Answers

Before you actually start writing, take some time to plan how you will answer the question. Sketch out an answer with arguments and thesis statements.

  • Meta-Cognitive and Sign Posting

Now it’s time to draft your answers and the 5 paragraph structure will help you out. Start with an introduction paragraph and then write the rest of your answer. Use a lot of sign posting and try to be meta-cognitive in your answer. Take each paragraph to tell what every section will do and why. If your thoughts change slightly, go back and change it.

Use the first sentence as a mini introduction for each paragraph and tie it with the thesis statement and highlight what you are going to do in each paragraph. This entire plan acts as a road map to help you focus on a topic if you are running out of time.


Basics of Writing a Term Paper

May. 12th 2016

Assignments and term papers are the most common requirements of your study time.

When you are working for your term papers you are not expecting a C grade in return. We all know it means a lot to you, as most of the times it consists the highest marks and grades in the class. So grabbing an A score in your term paper is a must!

Today we will be explaining you the basics of writing an excellent term paper.

Be creative while modeling your topic

Either you have to choose the topic or you have been given a topic you need to be creative in both ways. Think out of the box and choose that topic in which you can elaborate more and present your hypothesis and ideas.

Don’t choose the topics that close your thoughts in a box. This way your term paper will not lead you to a strong argument you were thinking of present.

Once you have chosen the topic collect reviews ideas comments and thoughts about the topic from other people. This is how you can discuss the topic in your term paper with more factual details.

Adventure your research

Consider the research your experience of any adventure rather than considering it a hectic job to get done with.

When you start writing a term paper you need to focus on the ideas and concepts to collect the factual details regarding the topic. Research as much as you can. Be open to new idea. Look forward to solving old problems in new and innovative ways.

While researching, make use of both primary (original text, documents, interviews) and secondary platforms (idea sharing, discussions, notes, perceptions).

Write a strong thesis statement

Your thesis statement serves as the most important part of your term paper. Make sure the thesis statement very well describes the niche of your essay and body paragraphs. It should have the base of the argument and message you are going to carry throughout you term paper in the body paragraphs.

Outline your ideas

Some people don’t consider outlining ideas an important part of writing a term paper.

When you outline your ideas, you get a clear point of view of what you are going to write in the body paragraphs.

It saves you from chaos! By outlining ideas you know which point should be noted and discussed first and which point should be discussed last.

Write an easy to understand introduction

Your introduction carries the pillar of your essay. Here you have to describe the true meaning of your argument along with thesis statement and your topic. So, avoid using complex sentences and vocabulary use in the introductory paragraph. Make is as easy as possible.

You can also start this paragraph by writing a quote or an interview dialogue that suits your topic.

Explain the rest in the body paragraphs and convince the reader

Choose as many paragraphs you want to, but make sure that your term paper ends in the given limit. Here you are free to write and discuss the related arguments and ideas you have outlined earlier. To make it stronger, try discussing each idea with an example in the end. This way, you will be able to convince your reader through factual details.


Wrap it up! Leave a certain clincher in the ending paragraph so that your reader is emphasized to think about that.

You can also conclude the ending paragraph by restating your thesis statement and adding a certain point of idea and perception in it.

DISCLAIMER: All these pictures have been taken from Google as examples. 

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Help with Term Papers on Albert Einstein

Mar. 20th 2012

Students always find it hard to write term papers during their academic life. To make them interesting with the selection of a good topic can be quite helpful. If you are searching for any kind of help with term papers on Albert Einstein then read different books and information on the Internet. Term papers can be written differently with a few changes in the writing pattern. While the reading sessions cannot be changed as they become the base of real research that helps to collect necessary information.

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Help with Writing Psychology Term Papers

Jan. 13th 2012

Initially when you are provided with a choice on the topic you will produce your psychology term papers try searching on a general subject and then fine tuning your research to a concise and specific subject. Do make sure that you take help with writing your psychology term, papers from your instructor in the given subject as he or she is the one who will grade your work. You can consider more general subject to base your psychology term papers as child abuse or specific subject as certain psychological disorders.

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Help with Writing Accounting Term Papers

Jan. 10th 2012

Accounting is a subject that requires one to be willing to apply a lot of effort and concentration in practicing. If you need help with writing accounting term papers I can give some advice. First of all you need to face the fact that as a student you need to write your accounting term papers regardless of which ever field you intend to specialize in. Whatever business major you choose you must at least have to pass 2 to 3 accounting courses as fundamentals of accounting 1 and/or 2 plus cost management accounting.

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