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Capstone Project

Saturday, Aug. 21st 2010

A capstone project is an intense, learning project that typically entails a large amount of study and exploration in a particular area of study. This is normally a final written work by a student for an undergraduate degree and is administered by a professor or a supervisory committee. Capstone project require extensive research, preparation and implementation and often students are doing this kind of study for the very first time. Therefore they demand and expect comprehensive help and guidelines from their professors or by the supervisory committees.

On an average, students are expected to submit research proposals for approvals. This should be a written application directed towards your professor, giving details about the objectives of the area of study under investigation; the selected faculty resources that students will use or consult with; the number of students involved in the project (if more than one); the strategy you will adopt to go about the project and its execution (e.g. what is intended, research material used, how it will be organized, and the time frame for the different phases of the project; and, for groups, how the work will be divided among the members); and lastly, what the capstone project will look like.

The concerned faculty then encourages the students to explore the current ideas and related fields of study. Since the capstone project can incorporate a wide area of study and numerous courses, the specific requirements for completing a capstone project may differ according to area under research and the relevant professor or supervising committee.

The most important thing to note here is that the aim of the capstone project is for students to come up with a practically implementable solution to a real problem or challenge, within a specific branch of learning. Normally a dissertation or a thesis in a particular subject is informative, whereas a capstone project is intended to examine a student’s ability to understand and comprehend a concept or theory and show how it could be put it into practice or inspect the effectiveness of an already implemented system.

After selecting the area of interest for your capstone project, you need to conduct thorough research into the topic and develop a thesis statement showing what your capstone project is going to be about. Once you formulate a thesis statement, all the study materials and information that you collect should be presented in a way to support you thesis statement. An articulate capstone project entails facts presented in a fluent manner, and should show students ability to explain those facts making rational and practical conclusions to apply to real life situations. At the end, you should provide for any citations and references and proof read your capstone project for mistakes and fluency.

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