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Business Management Dissertation

Sunday, Aug. 15th 2010

Business Management is one of the most fundamental components in business. It is defined as the art of leading, controlling, planning, and allocating limited economic resources in an attempt to maximize returns and conduct efficient business operations. Often business majors are required to write a dissertation on business management. It may include writing on various business management theories or theorists, or the practical application of these theories and their effectiveness.

Your business management dissertation could be on the trends and innovations in management techniques or their usefulness and applicability in the contemporary business landscape, and many others whatever the topic you select, make sure that is of interest to you as this is particularly important for you to keep motivated and finish your work within deadlines.

Selecting the right business management topic for your business dissertation can be daunting task, as it requires extensive research and study. You need to develop a strategy and plan the overall process, from collecting information to actually penning down your thoughts to the final submission of your research paper. Your business management dissertation follows the similar essay structure of a typical academic writing, that is, Introduction, Body, and the Conclusion. Often students either don’t have the strategy or are unable to plan their essay; therefore, here is a guide that will help you write a comprehensive business management dissertation.

You should begin by doing groundwork in accumulating research material. Make sure that your research stays relevant and do not include vague and extra information. Now you should organize the collected data and formulate an outline of your entire essay. At this point, you should begin the introductory paragraph of your business management dissertation by stating the aim of your research paper and the summary of the main points of your dissertation. It also includes the thesis statement that tells the readers what to expect from this dissertation and what will follow in the rest of the paragraphs.

The next step is Body or the main paragraph. This is where you will expand your thesis statement and state your points and arguments to present your case on the chosen topic. This is where you will discuss the business management topic and critically evaluate its constituencies. You will tell the examiner why you have this point of view on the subject matter and provide evidence to support your thesis. It really impresses the examiner if you include your personal opinion on the issue based on your findings and develop a way to improve or add to the topic under discussion.

At the end of your business management dissertation, you should approach your conclusion using a persuasive tone. This is where you restate your main points in a logical manner. You should provide for the references you have cited in your dissertation to avoid plagiarism claims. Also you should include charts and graphs to better present your information and add an appendix in the end.

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