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Business Dissertation Topic

Saturday, Aug. 7th 2010

A business dissertation or thesis should show the examiner an extensive understanding of the theories and practices of businesses through the presentation of comprehensive researches and meticulous investigation. And all of this depends on good business dissertation topics that allow you the scope to explore business in various contexts and provide your own analysis of it.

You should start looking for good business dissertation ideas as soon as the first semester starts of your degree. It can be a painstaking job as you need to find a topic which is not too broad or too narrow. Broad topics tend to lose direction and become vague, whereas topics too narrow may not provide sufficient study material. Here are a few tips that you can use to select fantastic business dissertation topics.

From the beginning of your semester you should engage in continuous research to select a topic for your business dissertation. It is a good habit to jot down your ideas and take notes of everything interesting you hear during a lecture, or read in books, news papers, internet and business journals etc. You should collect as much information as you can and then later may narrow your study to include only the relevant material and focus on just one aspect of that topic.

You should select a topic that is unique as well as of interest to you. You should take careful consideration in selecting a topic and find out if anyone else is already working on the same topic. It is an added benefit if you select a topic that is in line with your career. In addition, you should select a topic which is of your professor’s interest too, because he/she would generally be more involved in your dissertation and therefore should be original and different from your peers.

Business dissertation topics should be purpose full and should relate to the contemporary business scene. It is best if you find a topic that addresses an issue and your dissertation is focused on solving that problem. You could select a topic such as the effects of economic recession on businesses. You could discuss the role of corporations and multinational companies in dictating a developing economy or government. These are major issues that you can select as your business dissertation topic that is both relevant and relate to the contemporary surroundings. In addition, you should find topics that are up-to date in the sense that they are able to catch up with the ever changing academic world of business.

Hopefully these tips will help you select a great business dissertation topic. If you are still finding it difficult to find a suitable topic you should get suggestion from other experienced researchers, your professors and friends and colleagues.

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