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Are Computers and Internet stunting our Natural Thinking Process Paper writing

Wednesday, Mar. 16th 2011

Computers and Internet permeate all walks of life. Computers and Internet have influenced our lives to such an extent that we have started to rely on these technologies in almost every matter. Our reliance on computers and Internet ranges from simple calculation, storage of phone numbers to searching answers to different questions in our mind. The use of human brain has now been decreased as compared to the use of these technologies.

This article has discussed guidelines for are computers and internet stunting our natural thinking process paper writing.

Start your paper with an introduction. Briefly describe various technological advancements which have stunted our natural thinking process. Discuss the importance of computers and Internet in our lives. Discuss the purpose of writing a paper on are computers and internet stunting our natural thinking process. Discuss the advantages of computers and Internet in terms of making our lives efficient.

After the introduction, write the body of your paper. In the body of our paper, critically evaluate and present that whether computers and Internet are helping us or are depriving us from our natural thinking ability.  Discuss how these technological advancements have influenced our natural thinking process.

With our reliance of computers and Internet, we have lost our ability to interpret various consequences. Discuss the loss in interpretation ability of human brain being caused by these technological advancements. Highlight the impact of rapid searching through the Internet on human memory.

During the past, people used to rely on their brains to generate ideas for their writings. In the present time, this trend has been changed. Now people just Google a topic on the Internet and gather relevant information instead of relying on natural thinking process. Discuss various other ways in which computers and Internet have stunted natural thinking process.

Explore the Internet in order to find relevant information on your topic. Read articles written by well cited authors in order to explore the impact of computers and Internet on natural thinking process. With the help of this information resources you will find many guidelines for are computers and internet stunting our natural thinking process paper writing.

Give a conclusion in the end of your paper. In the conclusion you will highlight that how computers and Internet have changed the way people think. Generate awareness among your audience that computers and Internet are stunting our natural thinking process. Give recommendations to your audience for improving their creative thinking abilities.

This article will therefore give you guidelines for are computer and Internet stunting our natural thinking process paper writing.

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