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A Worn Path Symbolism Term Paper

Tuesday, Sep. 14th 2010

Eudora Welty is a famous American writer who wrote short stories and novels such as “A Worn Path” and “The Optimist’s Daughter”. The theme of most her work was about the American South. She also won a Pulitzer Prize in 1973. A Worn Path is a story about an elder black woman that travels to get medicine for her dying grandson.

Often students in literature classes are told to write on A Worn Path symbolism as their academic term paper requirement. The author uses different symbols that reveal the story in an interesting and captivating manner.  Here is a list of symbols that Welty has used to tell the story that will help you write an outstanding essay term paper on A Worn Path symbolism.

  1. First off you could talk about the title of the story “A Worn Path” and the name of the main character, Phoenix Jackson and how it relates to each other. You should go on to explain how the author uses the legend of Phoenix, that is, a sacred bird that sacrifices itself for its new one. You should tell the reader how the old woman is full of love for her grandson and despite her weak and feeble health she goes to get medicine for her grandson. You should incorporate the part where the author describes the old woman with a golden skin tone under her wrinkles to refer to the golden feathers of the mythical bird Phoenix. You could explain that the new Phoenix is her grandson who gets a new life when she gets back with the medicine. Also you should talk about the journey of the bird to the sun to die to reflect on the overall trip the old woman undertakes, and that it might be her last voyage.
  2. As the old woman walks through the woods she talks to herself and tells the animals to refrain from stopping her, showing that she is familiar with the passage and that she has taken this trip many a times earlier. You should talk about how Welty symbolizes slavery when she refers to the old woman’s feeling of getting strangled with chains in her legs when climbing an ascent.
  3. Then you can incorporate in your essay on A Worn Path symbolism essay, the author’s quest to find racial harmony. When Phoenix falls in the ditch and dreams of a boy giving her a marble cake, you should explain how the author symbolizes marble cake as a blend of blacks and whites to show that people in the 1930s and 1940s are still prejudice.

Hopefully this will help you in your essay term paper on A Worn Path symbolism.

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