7 Steps to Writing a Research Paper

28/07/10 9:20 AM

A research paper is a thorough essay that reveals a student’s knowledge and comprehension of a course related topic.  This guide is written with an assumption that a topic has previously been assigned to you by your teacher. Mentioned below are 7 steps to writing a research paper.

1.    Begin by doing a groundwork research on the topic. This will help you get familiar with the topic enabling you to preview all its pieces. The spotlight here is on gaining knowledge about the topic to work out all its aspects.

2.    From this preliminary research, the next step is to decide a niche or sub-division of the topic. It is significant to narrow the topic to your area of interest and make certain that it stays relevant. Once you have selected a niche, devise a thesis statement related to the topic. This statement briefly explains the arguments or debate surrounding the topic.

3.    Now that you have formulated a thesis statement, it is essential to adjust your research to collect pertinent and reliable information that is related to your thesis statement. This will set restrictions so that you stick to researching relevant areas. Browse through the internet, peruse libraries, read books and magazines, and conduct short interviews to gather information that you can use for your research paper.

4.    Before you set off scribbling your ideas, outline a raw sketch of your complete research paper. Formulate your thoughts in a consistent manner giving them order and think of how to put them in words, stating the most important ones first, and ascertain which point to expand on which paragraphs.

5.    This step is one of the most important among the 7 steps to writing a research paper. This is where you will reflect on your compiled information and thoughts and start penning them, which will include the introduction. You should begin by expanding on your thesis statement and explain the reasons for choosing this topic, basically focusing on its importance and relevance.

6.    Now craft the main body which focuses on all the research matter and study. Each paragraph should contain its own distinctive point and evidence to support it. Develop precise topic sentences to captivate the reader as soon as they start reading. A research paper is best comprehended when it is provided with sufficient examples and illustration to enhance your research.

7.    Prepare a persuasive, realistic conclusion. The conclusion incorporates a synopsis of your analysis in light of the thesis statement. Another important step among the 7 steps to writing a research paper involves referencing. Therefore, special care needs to be taken when providing references to prevent charges of plagiarism. Don’t forget a bibliography.

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