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3 Challenges of Writing a Paper

Friday, Mar. 25th 2011

There are many challenges that you must face when writing a research paper or a college term paper of any sort. Among many others, there are 3 challenges of writing a paper which are more serious than others. The first challenge arises when the student has an unclear understanding of what thesis he or she should write. This means that the main point or the central idea of the topic upon which you are basing your thesis is unclear and you have no idea what to write.

Secondly, another very common problem that occurs is the sentence fragmenting in the college paper. Sentence fragment problem occurs when there is no verb or a subject in the same sentence. This causes the sentence to be incomplete. Last, another major problem which arises when a student is writing a paper is the issue of proper grammar. This sounds pretty simple, but you must know how to properly use grammar and make a sentence or break it.

Students often underestimate these 3 challenges of writing a paper and end up either failing or getting poor grades. Writing a paper is really simple, or so it seems. But as any other student, you must also know that every paper has its pitfalls. Key problems occur from the inability to source from reputable information, procrastination and writing it all down. These are problems which are within a student.

Writing essays and research papers are a part of a learning process which is essential for a student who is in college. And that is why colleges pay so much attention and places  spotlight on writing essays. Coming up with very good content and research in their paper writing is tough and requires one to sacrifice time and energy. And this is when the problems start to arise.

The case with most students is that they really don’t try to find some time to sit down and research and work on their thesis. This is because they have to write on 3 to 4 subjects. What this means is that if a student excels at writing a very good essay on biology, chances are he or she will not give it their all in writing a paper on chemistry because of procrastination and the fact that they are better in biology.

In order to know more about the 3 challenges of writing a college paper, it is strongly suggested that you log on to the Internet and search for it. Log on to Google and type “3 challenges of writing a paper” and you will be victorious.

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