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How to write an international relations paper

Oct. 31st 2011

An international relations paper always has three major components which makes it readable and intriguing. These components are found in the tips for how to write an international relations paper. The first component is to read and comprehend the material related to your topic, second is to analyze it and finally the third component is to present your arguments about the issue.

Since the field is huge and covers topics related to politics, states, political systems and their implementation, therefore, students are required to have good analytical skills. The subject does not talk about fact instead it covers the changing aspects of international relations.

You are required to select a topic that interests you the most and search material on it. Prepare a hypothesis and get it approved from the instructor. You will now prepare a concise outline and follow it step by step to complete before the given timeline. It should have an introduction, major headings and a conclusion which altogether are included to prove the hypothesis.

How to write an international relations paper guidelines could assist you through the tiring process of writing the paper. Every paper either of humanities or sciences requires extensive reading of the topic. Search books online or go to a library to note down material with the sources used. It would be easy to make note cards in order to remember the sources you will cite in the paper.

It is mandatory for you to follow the primary rules of writing an international relations paper. No matter how long the topic is, you have to read it to contemplate and analyze it. Give an introduction of four to five lines and be brief to tell the reader what will be covered further in the paper. Include necessary information along with the sources that you have already saved with the material. With the help of facts prove your point of view and recheck the paper for mistakes.

To write an international relations paper without losing concentration can only be done if you know what requirements of your topic are. In this regard how to write an international relations paper will guide you till the last page. When you are done writing, make a list of references at the end of the paper in an alphabetical order. Read the paper twice before submission and expect good results after compilation of an excellent paper.

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Help with a Term Paper on Elizabeth Bennet

Oct. 28th 2011

Debate whether Elizabeth would be considered a remarkable woman in modern-day united states

One of the admirable qualities for which Elizabeth Bennet is most famously known and remembered is her stance on marriage – her insistence on marriages of love and her dismissal of marriages of convenience and comforts.
But in today’s modern world, and present day and age, where almost everybody marries because of love, would Elizabeth still get a special place in the society for her stance on marriage or would she be lost in throngs of million girls who are seeking love out there?

I think the immortality that she enjoys comes from her strong personality and playful character that was so unique in the rigid society of 19th century England. In her time when marriage was an accepted and encouraged way to improve one’s social and financial status, she fought in her own way to be free to choose to marry a man she loves and respects. She refused to believe that marriages can always bring happiness (Weinsheimer 16).

It takes a lot of courage and bravery for a girl in Lizzie’s social and financial status to refuse a marriage proposal that can raise her rank quite agreeably. But that’s exactly what she does when she refuses to marry Mr. Collins, a distant cousin, and heir to her father’s estate. Quite truthfully and humorously, she says to him, “You could not make me happy, and I am convinced I am the last woman in the world who would make you so” (Austen Chap-19).

Apart from her reasons for getting married, it was her head-strong attitude and her unshakable self-confidence that differentiated her from all the other heroines of her time. She did not conduct herself in a manner that was expected of her unless she deemed it fit. She was independent, had a mind of her own and spoke up for herself always. In a society that was rigid and had very strong ideas about how a nicely brought up girl should behave, she was always very lively and had an opinion on everything which she always expressed. Her “humour is astute, bold and often raucous” (Bird).

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Instructions on How to write a Research Paper

Oct. 27th 2011

Research paper is a long process which needs to be comprehended before your read about a certain topic. Instructions on how to write a research paper can be followed to make the procedure easier for you. Once you take it step by step it will not become a burden and will not affect the paper at the end of the day.

Three rules for writing a research paper are obligatory, which are time management, the reading process and proper evaluation. If students successfully implement these rules then the research work would no more be a problem anymore.
Assistance during research work is the first and foremost step which is provided by the instructor himself. You will not have to make an effort to read each and every point as the instructor will make you familiar with the rules that are designed for writing a research paper.

The purpose of writing a research paper is to read, analyze, investigate and compile findings on the basis of evaluation. Therefore, choose a topic, read about it and come up with a hypothesis with brainstorming. Get your hypothesis approved from the instructor and make an outline with major points that will be helpful to prove the hypothesis. It must have an introduction, major headings and conclusion heading.

Go to a library, collect topic related material and make note cards to attach with the material you note down. Follow the instructions on how to write a research paper and start writing the paper after collection of the required data. Write a synopsis to tell why you have selected this particular topic and what points will be covered.

The next step would be to write the paper by paraphrasing the material you read. Be argumentative; support the arguments with facts and examples. Give citations in the form of footnotes as a general research paper has footnotes in it instead of in-text citations.

Elongate the information according to the page limit asked by the instructor. Remember the deadline and check the instructions on how to write a research paper repeatedly to avoid any sort of mistake. Conclude the paper with personal views and write bibliography alphabetically on the last page. Read the final paper before you submit and expect good grades after a long effort to compile the research.

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How to write research paper without plagiarism

Oct. 27th 2011

Plagiarism can destroy the whole research if students do not have an idea how much importance does it have in a research work. Therefore, every student should know how to write research paper without plagiarism as they cannot afford the research to get rejected at the end of the semester. There are certain rules which are defined to write a research paper which makes it accurate, qualitative and authentic.

From the selection of topic to writing the conclusion students are always stressed out to compile it correctly. With the help of lectures the instructor will repeatedly tell you the disadvantages of plagiarism as students sometimes are unable to comprehend the various types. They may unintentionally go towards writing a plagiarized paper if the instructions given to them are not correct.

For an authentic research paper you can never copy paste the material you read to prove the topic you have selected. You will always rephrase, paraphrase or quote the paragraph with proper citation to mention the source from which you will take it.

References are the mere prove of authenticity of your work; therefore, at any cost do not neglect their importance. Either in-text citation or footnotes, you will have to mention them in the research to ensure the instructor of your efforts.
A sheet with all the instructions about how to write research paper without plagiarism should be given to every student to avoid these mistakes. When you will go to the library to find material or take assistance of the Internet to support the arguments throughout the paper make sure not to write them word by word. You have to put them in your own words as the instructor will cross check them using the references you will include in the paper.

The pattern of writing the research paper will be same from the formulation of hypothesis, making the outline and following it to the conclusion. Footnotes and references will be written in different styles for which you have to search the Internet to note down the pattern. You will find tips on how to write research paper without plagiarism that will assist you at every step of writing a non-plagiarized paper. The last page of references should be written alphabetically and paper should be read at least twice before submission.

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How to Write a Decision Paper

Oct. 26th 2011

A decision paper, in essence, is similar to an argument paper. Like an argument paper, it is also written to convince the reader to agree to a certain point of view on a particular topic. Proficient writers, who know how to write a decision paper, rank it among the easy ones as unlike other research papers, the decision paper gives the writers the freedom to incline towards a certain angle. Taking sides is important in a decision paper, and the trick is to find the most credible and authentic material to back your side.

There are a few tips on writing an effective decision paper and if you take care of these few tips, you may produce a successful and credible piece of work. Choosing a topic that is hot among your target audience is important. Such a topic would have an already high following and would guarantee that your paper be met with enthusiasm. Your job is to make sure that you present material that is equally enthusiastic and glues the reader to your paper.

A great tip on how to write a decision paper, or any other paper for that matter, is to conduct an extensive research. Make sure that the research you do for your paper also covers the counter arguments related to your topic. Knowing the opposite side completely would enable you to discredit it effectively through your research. Always cite sources. This habit saves your from any shade of plagiarism and gives your paper a significant authenticity.

Also, make sure to keep the language of your decision paper unemotional. Being in a rational state of mind would make sure that your paper is written with a practical sense, and would push you to find more evidence backing your point.

Another thing that you must consider while learning how to write a decision paper, is the different structures that this paper could be written with. You can present your paper in argument-counter argument-response manner, or any other way that you feel comfortable with. Just always remember that what you write must have solid backing behind it.
We hope that keeping these few tips in mind, you’ll be able to draft a paper that can help you achieve great marks in the class, or maybe even impress your professor with your writing and research talent.

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